MTBCast: Cricket Butler called in from Lincoln

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Cricket Butler called in from Lincoln.


Keep It Up

Sorry about the weather. Kinda like 2009, huh? Waiting for you in Butte at the Outdoorsman and have been monitoring your progress from the start. Geoff says hello! Stay strong. You are the only woman left in the race. Worked on Matthew and Erik's bikes yesterday when they wee here.

Go Girl

Cricket, it is great to be following your progress this year. You are doing the right thing about pacing yourself and as you know, it makes all the difference in the world to be able to ride in close proximity to other racers to have the company to share your difficults with.

You are doing great.


Hey Cricket,
Just wanted to let you know that I've been cheering you guys on the whole way. Your progress is great and tell the boys I say hello!!
Keep on truckin',

Enjoy the posse'!

I like hearing that a bunch of you are bunking together. It's gotta help morale. It's neat, too, that even though it's a huge solo race that it can have so many social aspects -- like the meals in all the little towns. Hang in there and I hope you're enjoyin' it! --JP


Cricket sounds more scared of sharing a room with 6 guys than she did about running into the bear last year!

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