MTBCast: Blaine Nester called in from Deming

Blaine Nester called in from Deming  to give a recap of his finish with Erik.


way to go dad!

way to go dad!

He's the man!

You gotta watch those humble and unassuming types, especiialy the older ones...

When I met Blaine on the first day of the 2009 Tour Divide I saw a strong cylist. By the time I'd shared only a few miles with him, I could see this knid of performance was well within his grasp.

I loved the calm call-ins, Blaine, and that you often referred to yourself as 'we'. Who was the other member of the team?

Hey Steve thanks for the kind

Hey Steve

thanks for the kind words. I missed having someone to keep awake with my snoring this year as all but two days were riding alone and camped out most nights.

Feels good to be done. Eric deserves a standing ovation for his performance.


The Genteel Cyborg Triumphs!

After learning of the gruelling challenge of last years race,I was suprised to find you back at it so soon. what do they say "a sucker for punishment"? We are so very impressed and proud of your accomplishment. Tremendous perseverance in the face of adversity. Nicole and I were addicted to watching the spot advance and various blogs and call in’s, and we are relieved to see you through safe and somewhat sound. A standing ovation for you and to the others undertaking such an epic challenge I applaud them all. Your silver medal is in the mail.

Hey guys. Hope you had fun

Hey guys.

Hope you had fun watching. Sucker for punishment is right. This will be my last time. See you in August




Huge congrats, Blaine. That was a very impressive performance, and you sounded like you were enjoying almost everything the course and weather gods threw at you over the past few weeks.

Hey Kurt Some parts were

Hey Kurt

Some parts were definately not enjoyable but a positive spin on them certainly helped. It's good to fing humour in everything.



Way to Go Uncle Blaine !

We checked on you every day, and cheered you on! Great job ! We are proud of you !

Hi Kids Hope you had fun

Hi Kids

Hope you had fun watching your crazy uncle. Maybe you guys can do it one day. Or maybe just a fun trip with your uncle.
See you soon,

Uncle Blaine

Amazing Accomplishment Blaine

Way to go! It was fun and exciting to watch your spot progress everyday. I'm glad you finished safe and certainly sounds like you had crazy Wx to deal with...again! We're also proud of you!

Hi Arian and Jeremy Thanks

Hi Arian and Jeremy

Thanks for watching. Yup, lot's of crazy things this tear. The usual mean dogs, hail storm, rain mud etc. And a couple of unexpected. Had a crash that would have scored high from the judges when a car cut me off while I was in full flight. Had a couple of drunks on the side of the road one night try to tackle me in the dark but managed to manouver around them. It all makes for good stories if nothing else. Saw tons and tons of wildlife this year. Bears, moose, wolf, elk, fox, prairie chicken ,antelope, etc, etc, etc.

See you soon


Insane Blaine!

Wow - what a tremendous feat Blaine! What an epic journey! Enjoy a well deserved and earned rest.

Congratulations Blaine, We

Congratulations Blaine,
We rode together at Salty Dog this year for maybe 10 minutes and briefly talked of tour divide. You are an enormous inspiration and it was a great to follow your progress this year.
Hats off!!

Hey Adam Cool. Glad you

Hey Adam

Cool. Glad you enjoyed it. I hope you have a chance to do it one day. From what I saw of you at the Salty Dog, you have the right attitude to do it. A positive attitude and the ability to roll with the punches is essential. And it does not hurt to be a bit stubborn as well. Probably the biggest bonus for me is an extremely supportive and understanding wife. You certainly meet some great people along the way and forge friendships that may well last a lifetime. Great to have met you and good luck with all of your endeavours.


Great Ride Blaine

Congratulations Blaine. It was great following you from the desk this year. I wished I was back out there until hearing about the conditions in southern Montana. Loved the call-ins too, it sounded like you were in your element out there.
Well done,

Good to hear from you John.

Good to hear from you John. It was tough again. Lot's of snow, mud, rain, hail etc. Nice to be done. Was wondering at times why I signed up again but all went well and I am happy with the finish. I hear you are doing the CTR this year, Best of luck.



Hey Blaine- Nancy told me about your race, so i came on last week to check it out- It was great to watch where you were and listen to your updates. Just came online tonight to see how you did- GREAT JOB- YOU ROCK :)

Dara :)

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