MTBCast: Aidan Harding called in from Separ

Aidan Harding called in from Separ and is about to hit the final stretch!



So glad that you got through New Mexico with out an real problems..I have driven it often and know how dusty and empty it is...hope you have had a proper cup of tea by now.
friend of Jamie Berger

Good on you

Congratulations on an excellant race, we enjoyed tracking your progress and were amazed by how much time to were able to make up after your delay in Elkford.

Elkford Bike Repair

Hey Aiden Very impressive. I

Hey Aiden

Very impressive. I remember day 1 and your tire in Elkford. To finish as you did and on a single speed, you are one strong rider. My hat is off to you. Job well done. You Brit's are one tough bunch.
I am sure the boys from last year will all be in touch when you get home.

Blaine Nester

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