Ardie Olson

Ardie Olson Reports in from Lincoln, MT

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Hey everybody, this is Ardie Olson. I'm calling in from Lincoln, MT and its 6:50pm on June 16th, Monday and its been rough going the last couple of days. Yesterday, was lots of deadfalls across the trail I guess from all of the heavy snow that they have had so that made it slow going. So I camped at Holland Lake last night. Got up real early this morning and headed out. When I got up to I believe its called Grizzly Bear Basin before you get to Seeley Lake there was another probably 2-3 miles worth of snow up there. Read more »

Ardie Olson Calls In from Whitefish

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Hey, this is Ardie Olson and I'm calling in from a payphone just outside of Whitefish. It is Sunday morning at 6:50 AM and everythings doing pretty good. Had kinda of a tough day yesterday. I'm sure everybodys going to have this. Coming through Red Meadow Lake there was probably at least 2 miles, maybe 3 miles of snow that covered the road about 2-3 feet deep. So you had to push your bike the whole way, up to the pass and then down from the lake and pass back down. Read more »

Ardie Olson calls in from Roosville, MT (US/CN border crossing)

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Hi this is Ardie Olson calling from Roosville from payphone at Bar across street from border. It is Saturday 6/14. I crossed the Border at border patrol at 10:50 am. It sunny skies, good weather. Finally. Saturday was pretty bad weather. on and off and really bad last night. Skies are blue and things are looking good. Again, this is Ardie Olson, thank you