Karl Wilcox

Karl Wilcox's Knee Pain Causes him to Pull Out of Race - Helena

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Hi this is Karl Wilcox phoning in at about 10AM from Helena. It's Thursday morning. I'm going to be dropping out of the race. My knee pain is severe. Can't really peddle at this point. So I'm going to pack it in before I end up with a chronic knee injury. I think I pushed too big a gear. Should have dropped to granny gear, but live and learn. It has been an excellant race. I've enjoyed every minute of it. I will of course miss the rest of race. But just want to thank everyone out there for following. Really, at least, I did the best section. Hopefully try again. Thank you.

Karl Wilcox Resting his Knee

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Hi this is Karl Wilcox. I'm in Helena. I'm laid up for today with pain to the patella knee cap. I'm icing it and taking ibuprofen and I'm hoping that it improves. So until then I guess I'll just be resting it. I felt fine yesterday going over Huckleberry then on the down side, on the descent, I think I strained my knee. At this point, I thought it would be better to loose some time then perhaps not to be able to finish at all. I turned back a few miles out of Helena. Hoping things improve. That's it for now.

Karl Wilcox enjoying the Ride

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This is Karl Wilcox calling in from Eureka, MT arrived here about 7pm with 3 or 4 other guys. We are going up towards the pass tonight for an hour or so. Doing fine. Enjoying the ride. Bye.

Four Racers Arrive in Eureka tonight

Hello this is Leighton White in Eureka, MT. pulled in a little while ago Dominik, Alan and Karl. A couple of them are spending the night. I might push on a little bit.
We have been noisy in this town. Bike and body are holding up pretty well. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Supposely, a lot of snow on Whitefish Pass. We'll see. Thanks. Bye.

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