Adrian Stingacui and his 3 Amigos

Racer update about:
Hello this is Adrian Stingacui. It July 3rd 9:10 pm calling in from Pueblo Pintado on the Chaco Alternate. Last night I caught up with Leighton White, Alan Goldsmith and Dominik Scherer in the motel in Abiquiu. Crashed their party around 10:30 p.m. Dominik had some wheel issues but he got those resolved. We are all rolling out today. We all started at the same time this morning around 5 am and rode a little together then we kind of got split up. then we stopped in Cuba. We regrouped again on the Chaco alternate. We've been riding off into the sunset. Beautiful day today. Several local thunderstorms. Just a really beautiful day. We just stopped to get something to eat and we are going to press on into the night and see if we can finish sometime on Sunday. Who knows we might even all finish together. It has been really nice riding with Alan, Leighton and Dominik. It just makes all of the pain go away. You forget about the mileage, you forget about everything. You are just out here having fun with friends riding your bike. Its what its all about. Its just really nice riding together and we've become really good friends out here. Good night everyone. All my love to family and friends back home. (recorder time: 2008-07-03 22:13:33 EST)


Glad to hear your all doing

Glad to hear your all doing well....I see you've found some other "creatures" to ride with. I'm sure they are much easier to have a converstation with.

Take Care's all downhill from here. Stay Strong, Stay Healthy and you'll be in AB in no time.

Happy Independence Day! (I think you've all put new meaning to Independence...)

Oops, meant to say you'll be

Oops, meant to say you'll be in AW anytime... No way your going back to AB (Alberta) anytime soon I'm sure...maybe next year!

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