Adrian Stingacui 4 Way Tie for 3rd Place with 3 other Amigos

Racer update about:
Hello this is Adrian Stingacui calling in from Antelope Wells, NM at 9:50 AM on July 7th. Just got in here with Alan Goldsmith, Dominik Scherer, and Leighton White. We pulled in together, crossed the line at the same time at around 8:55 this morning which puts us in a tie for 3rd place, all four of us. Which was very nice. It has been a pleasure riding with those guys. It took me about a couple of weeks to catch back up with Alan, Dominik and Leighton. In Abiquiu, I caught up back to them in a hotel. Ever since then we have been riding and camping out together. It has been a wonderful grand tour. It has been a really incredible experience. Really awesome. Wanted to thank everyone for participating, for trying out, for lining up at the start and following their dreams. To all those who made it to the finish line already congratulations, to all those who are still in the race, good luck, to those who dropped out good luck next year and good luck healing. There are no losers in this race. There is no such thing. Only those who did not try can regret that they did not try. Those who lined up are all winners. All of us are. Remember we are the normal ones. To Andy Buchanan, thank you for the sound advice that you gave me early in the race. To Mary Collier, good luck at the 24 hour nationals. It was pleasure riding with you. To Mike Dion, hope you are feeling better, hope your knees are better. Sorry to hear that you dropped out of the race. It was also very nice riding with you. To Stephen Gleasner, I look forward to reading your book, good luck and stay in the race. To my fellow vegetarians in the race, Alan Goldsmith, Dominik Scherer it has been really nice riding with you, you guys are really strong riders.. (recorder time: 2008-07-07 10:53:28 EST)



You've just completed the Tour Divide. What are you going to do now?

Congratulations are in order, to you Adrian, and all your fellow bikers. Long Beach has been cheering you on.


We are all so proud of you and will always remember how brave you were to go in this race and to finish it too! It has been like a beautiful story that we were always excited to read on everyday. Despite all the hardships you stayed on and got going. All the wonderful stories you shared and all the great people you met made this race to look so appealling.
From all the stories that I read and the ones that you are going to tell me at home made the Tour de France look small and easier compared to The Great Divide.
Congratulations to all the participants either they finished or not!

Felicitari !

You are the best !

Ma bucur pentru tine si de abia astept sa imi povestesti aventurile pe care le-ai avut si nu numai.
Imi pare rau ca engleza mea de balta nu imi permite sa ma bucur de tot ce voi transmiteti prin mesajele voastre. Poate ca asta ma va decide sa pun mana sa invat engleza ! Se pare ca viitorul nu se poate fara aceasta limba.
Ma bucur ca ai terminat cu bine aceasta cursa si ma bucur ca familia ta si prietenii tai sunt mandri cu tine. E frumos si inaltator dar sa nu uti niciodata ca orice realizare te obliga si mai mult. Acum devii un model pentru si mai multi oameni si responsabilitatea este si mai mare.
Inca o data felicitari si in momentele grele sa iti aduci aminte ca esti un invingator !
Felicitarile mele pentru toti participantii , o adevarata echipa !

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