Adrian Stingacui continues his Message

Racer update about:

Hello this is Adrian Stingacui again calling back to continue the message. To Kevin Hall, pleasure meeting you and riding with you for a little bit. Sorry to hear that you dropped out of the race and good luck next year. To Reuben Kline, thanks for showing us what a powerful rider you are and good luck next year and all future races. It was a pleasure riding with you. To Matthew Lee, thanks for putting this race together. As well as to Kevin Montgomery, you guys are really awesome. Really giving of yourself and generous. Super. To Dave Nice, hope you’ve recovered from your cold, good luck next year, I am rooting for you all the way and I really hope that you get a fixed record. To Ardie Olson, thanks for making all those nice tracks in the dirt so I could follow along and Sherry Olson, thank you for transcribing the blog. To Leighton White, thanks for the many hours we rode together. To Felix Wong, who is probably right behind us somewhere, always watching my back for you, keep going man, you are almost there. To Karl Wilcox, pleasure riding with you, you will always be an inspiration, thanks for showing the world that you can have a total cholesterol under 100, you are an awesome vegan.

Final thoughts on the race. This has been a really awesome, awesome experience. I hope this continues for many, many years. The concept of self-supported racing with no entry fee and no award at the end is one that I really love. As far as self-supported racing though goes, as much as I love the idea and the concept of it there can be no such thing as a self-supported race. Out here we have had support from everyone we met, we have accepted food, water, sandwiches, everything you can imagine, it has all been graciously welcomed, as well as the power bar I found ….

(recorder time: 2008-07-07 10:57:41 EST)


Adrian, It was an honor to

Adrian, It was an honor to ride with you too. I rode 100+ miles today and wished it was on the Divide. Maybe Hopefully next year)

WOW, you made it very impressive. It is way cool you guys finished in a fourway. People just don't understand the camaraderie out there on the trail. It goes beyond explaination. I'm sure it brought each of you more satisfaction finishing together than individually. That is another intangible about this race. I was only out there a short while and I know I felt it.

Take care.

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