Adrian Stingacui gives a ride to a lady hitchhiker

Racer update about:
Hi this is Adrian Stingacui calling in from Del Norte, CO on Tuesday, July lst, 12:30 pm. Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon suited up in my rain gear trying to stay dry but I never really got wet until I got into camp in the dark. Camped in cow field next to cow patties. Then it started raining right when I started eating and I was starving. Today I rode into town over here and picked up a hitchhiker, a lady friend and gave her a ride for a couple of miles. She was a really beautiful lady bug. Going to head out to Indiana Pass shortly after I grab something to eat. Hopefully it will be safe ride up there for me. Good luck to everyone. Sorry to hear about the guys who dropped out of the race. How they are home and recovered. Take care. (recorder time: 2008-07-01 13:31:04 EST) NOTE: recording was hard to hear. I had to guess at some of this.


Safety, nourishment & more hitchhikers

Hi Adrian,

We are holding thoughts for you of safety, nourishment & more of life's creatures hitchhiking a ride. I have to read your call-ins to my daughter who has the same reverance for all of life that you do. Thanks for sharing.

Our best,
Tina & Mikaila

I have to agree....

...with Tina. I look forward to your call ins to see what deeds you've done for the day :-) I see your gentleness for all creatures big and small in your call ins.
When I first read the post the first thing that came to mind was, wow! Wish I could have see him riding with a lady on his Then it came to me....silly, huh?

Stay strong, stay healthy and may more creatures be privlidged by your kindness.


I see your love for nature reached and touched many souls already. We all miss you so much and pray that you finish in good health. You got me with the ladybug was so much like you.
Stay strong and please eat well!

You got me too

You got me too :)) Before reading your post I was visualizing a lady riding on your handlebars!
Stay healthy and enjoy the rest of your race. Can't wait to hear who you pick up rattlesnakes PLEASE.

Natures Friend

So Adrian... You have gotten so many people wondering who you might find out in this environment. You got me!!! I was just hoping that the little lady was just that and then some. I figured that you might have found Tom Thumb's little sister. LOL What a free spirit you are. Have a wonderful ride and go with the wind. God Bless

What the...!?

Great play on words, Sherry.

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