Adrian Stingacui Updates us on Trail Conditions

Racer update about:

Hi this Adrian Super Vegan calling in again from Flagg Ranch, Sunday, June 22nd at 3:54p.m. Couple of things I forgot to mention. The pass coming into Flagg Ranch is snowed out and very, very muddy. I thought it wasn't going to be as bad as the other two snowy passes but mentally it was more taxing. It involved about 10 miles of either walking over snow, or walking through mud, or really, really fun terrain. The mosquitoes are out in full bloom now. So it was quite taxing on the mind to walk through snow and be eaten alive by mosquitoes. Since I'm not using any repellant, they particularly love me. Just got some food from Flagg Ranch. About the only raw food that they have here is 5 oranges, 4 tomatoes and 2 apples. I bought all of those. I'm all about done of them. All of the nuts here are roasted. So I can't eat anything else and I'm going through my food pretty fast. I have a food drop in about a 150 miles or so. Hopefully my food will last until there. Love to everyone, Bye.

(recorder time: 2008-06-22 16:55:11 EST)


Mosquitoes particularly love everyone in Yellowstone

In 2006, I remember being eaten alive on that stretch. Initially it was with Organic repellent, then I put on 35% deet. That was like salad dressing to them. I was carrying 99.8% deet this year...

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