Andy Buchanan, is that you?

Racer update about:
As you know, Andy had to pull out due to illness in Big Fork. So imagine my delight to see that he is back on the trail this morning in Rawlins. Looks like he might be riding with Stephen Gleasner. I immediately e-mailed Kevin and Joe to see if they knew if he was back. Well, we don't have anything definite but his blue spot dot is on track. Andy, if that is you, be sure to call in and keep us posted. I'll add to your blog entries. Happy trails. Sherry O.


it IS Andy!

Hey there...this is Kirsten at Brush Mountain Ranch in Slater, CO, and I just had a soda with Stephen and Andy...and they are looking good...headed over sand mountain and hoping to make it into Steamboat this evening. Andy said that he was just driving everyone crazy at home, so he hopped a ride to Stephen this morning with the hopes of riding some more of the trail. (hopefully all the way to NM!)
Anyhow, they were both hot (it feels like a hundred out there!) but looking good as they left...about a half hour ago...


That's great news to hear!


To Andy and all the riders, I's great to hear you're riding. Whether or not you are in fthe race again or not. You are an awesome person. I have seen that this race has discovered many new and great friendships. The team work involved even though it is a race is the greatest. You guys don't even begin to know how you have influenced our planet! Enjoy the ride and enjoy the many friendships you all have discovered there and online. God Bless.

tour divide

hi sherri,andy and i left ketchum at 12 noon sunday and we caught up with stephen around 8:30 on sunday morning.he is feeling alot better and i hope he has a good ride.i passed 4 other racers on the stretch from rawlins to gabbs and they all looked of luck and safe rideing -bob

Good Luck Andy!

Hi Andy... good luck! Glad you're back in!

Welcome back Large

Good to hear you're back in the saddle and good to see your blog Bob, We're proud of you brother!!!!!!

The Accidental Tourist

Hi Sherry ,Joe ,Matt i hope everyone still on the trail has good fortune and godspeed . I was going crazy back home so imade the decision to go back and ride for as long as my poor health would allow it . I have been fortunate to have ridden with and met some very great people along the route. I rode with Stephen for a while and Fred , I ran into Noah also. I met Dave on a very rainy evening that had me running in front of lightning . I stayed that night at his familys yurt what an awsome place . I met his grandmother and uncle also really Nice people .Anyone riding from Rawlins to Steamboat should definately make the stop at the Whispering Pine Lodge for the cold drinks and great conversation , thank you Kristen . I am sorry if anyone got the impression that i was racing again i did not think that my spot unit would show up on the leader board . Once again thank you everyone for your work on putting this fine event on .

Hey, no worries

Andy, I was just glad to see you were feeling better and got to do a little more trail. I'm glad your SPOT showed up. Besides, it keeps me on my toes. I try to check the spots w/call ins daily to see if they are working. Imagine my surprise. You take care, Sherry O.

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