Andy Buchanan

Andy Buchanan, is that you?

Racer update about:
As you know, Andy had to pull out due to illness in Big Fork. So imagine my delight to see that he is back on the trail this morning in Rawlins. Looks like he might be riding with Stephen Gleasner. I immediately e-mailed Kevin and Joe to see if they knew if he was back. Well, we don't have anything definite but his blue spot dot is on track. Andy, if that is you, be sure to call in and keep us posted. I'll add to your blog entries. Happy trails. Sherry O.

Andy Buchanan Has to Pull Out - Possible Pneumonia

Racer update about:

Hi this is Andy Buchanan. I'm sitting here in Big Fork. Sadly, I'm have to say I'm pulling out of the race. I think I have Pneumonia. So not to be continuing but that thanks everybody for all of their efforts. Sherry thanks a lot for transcribing, Joe, Dave, Matt, Kevin, everybody. I will listen to everybody's progress with interest.

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Andy Buchanan Doing Well in Eureka

Hi Joe, Hi Sherry, this is Andy, # 1 on the start list but I think I'm at the end of the line at the moment. I'm in Eureka. I spent the night in the Riverside Park with Dave and Stephen Gleasner. Doing well, a little sore in places, but you know perseverance and just keep turning the peddles over. I crossed the border yesterday about 3PM, got into Eureka at 4PM and decided to spend the night here. Doing well. We are going to press onto Whitefish today. We'll see everybody out there. Bye.