Blue Dot Junkies Reunite on the CTR Leaderboard

TD and SPOT are pleased to work with the Colorado Trail Race to bring folks the CTR Leaderboard. The board tracks CTR racers as they bikepack their way to Durango starting at noon Monday, July 28th. Much like Divide racing, CTR is self-supported mountain biking at its finest. The Colorado Trail is only one fifth the length (530mi) of the GDMBR, but the contour lines are packed in pretty tightly. 60,000 vertical feet of climbing and 350+ miles of singletrack means the strongmen of the mountains will be ones to watch in this Denver-to-Durango classic.


CTR Leaderboard

Looking forward to watching everyones progress on the CTR Leaderboard . This should be interesting with this many racers on the trail . Ride hard and smile big .


Andy-you crazy guy! I am

Andy-you crazy guy! I am sure if you could you would be riding this race too.All the best to all the riders of the CDR and the many of us who are now Blue Dotters, all the best to you also. Go out and make it a good day.Watching from Cucamonga!!!!

Does anybody have any idea

Does anybody have any idea when the leaderboard will be back online? I am dying for some updates and to live vicariously through these riders!

Go Dan go!

Right on Dan! Look forward to talking to you when you get back.


fun on this end

It's fun to be on this side of the board too! Sad to hear people dropping, but good to see people rockin it too. What a good race.


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