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2009 Racing

 The 2009 Field is now on course!

If you are looking for 2009 coverage, check out our 2009 race blog and the ITTDivide Updates Blog!

Blue Dot Junkies Reunite on the CTR Leaderboard

TD and SPOT are pleased to work with the Colorado Trail Race to bring folks the CTR Leaderboard. The board tracks CTR racers as they bikepack their way to Durango starting at noon Monday, July 28th. Much like Divide racing, CTR is self-supported mountain biking at its finest. The Colorado Trail is only one fifth the length (530mi) of the GDMBR, but the contour lines are packed in pretty tightly. 60,000 vertical feet of climbing and 350+ miles of singletrack means the strongmen of the mountains will be ones to watch in this Denver-to-Durango classic.

"One of the most grueling bike races on the planet"

Recently, there has been a lot of coverage beyond our blog on the race. Here is an update: Yesterday, the Steamboard Pilot & Today ran an article about the Tour Divide and featured three of our racers, Leighton White, Dominik Scherer, and Alan Goldsmith. Also, over the past few days, MTBR user MarkInTheBoat has posted trail pictures of Matt Lee and Reuben Klein and Alan Goldsmith and Dominik Scherer. Former racer leader Reuben Klein has also sent in some photos of his ankles and knees, as he indicated he would in his final call-in. Reuben mentioned that he believes he messed up his ankle while hiking through the snow, making his attempt the second victim of the deep snows.

Emergency Situation

A racer has sent out a number of emergency distress signals this afternoon and emergency responders have been on the scene for the last hour. As of right now, we know there was a motor vehicle accident that sent someone or something "over an embankment." Conditions are currently unknown. We will keep everyone posted as we know more. We are withholding the racer's name until we can contact the racer's family.

Leaderboard down

Just an update everybody. It appears the SPOT shared page service crashed today and took the leaderboard down with it. It should be back up soon. Update - SPOT was able to get their website back online today and the leaderboard is back!

A Few TD `08 Race Photos

P6160078.jpg I'm off to get a final diagnosis on my Achilles'. It is definitely swelling (can you guess which leg?)... Before I go, I wanted to share the beginning of the 2008 Tour Divide Photo Album. These are all shot by me, but, as racers finish, we'll be adding their photos to the collection. Those following divide racing could be interested to see the snow on Red Meadow Pass and Richmond Peak.

And the racers make their way to Banff...