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Matthew and Rueben call in from Elkford

Racer update about:

Hey there race fans, Matthew Lee and Rueben calling in from the Lamplighter Restaurant in Elkford, BC. Getting ready to chow down. 8:20 p.m. on Friday. Ok, cheers.

Racers riding to Trail Start

Photo removed due to website issues.

Racers at Start (3rd 5)

Third set of pictures below. Mathew Lee Mike Dion Leighton White Karl Wilcox 6/17 photos removed due to website issues Not pictured: Reuben Kline (So Sorry, for some reason the picture I took was corrupted) Kevin Montgomery -missed start to fix leaderboard; not sure when he started or if yet because leaderboard is still not showing current locations. Steve McGuire-delayed due to tragic flooding - will start later Sherry O.

Racers at Start (2nd 5)

Here are pictures of 5 more racers at the start. Adrian Stingaciu Kevin Hall Dominik Scherer Alan Goldsmith Andy Buchanan (6/17 photos removed due to website issues)

Racers at Start (lst 5)

Here are photos of the racers with their bike and gear at the start. I'm posting in 3 groups. I'm having a little difficulty posting the pictures so bear with me. You can link to them below. I'll try to get it so they show up in the blog when I get back from Banff. Click on the jpg. It will take a minute to load and then skrink down so you can view it. Racers: Felix Wong David Nice Ardie Olson Stephen Gleasner Mary Collier (6/17 Photos Removed due to website issues)

Riders head out from Y Mountain Lodge in Banff

15 of the 16 riders gather in front of the Y Mountain Lodge at 10AM to start their ride. Unfortunately, Kevin Montgomery, is still working on the Leaderboard for the website and will have to start a little later. We are lucky to have Kevin who is willing to give us this time when the clock is clicking. Lead by John Stamstead, the riders head out past the Banff Springs Hotel and down to the trail.


Just four (4) days to Race Start........ During the race, don't forget to check out for the latest audio recordings of the racers call-ins. These recordings will also be transcribed and posted on this website daily. Racers can call in as frequent or as few times as they want to report their progress along the route. All racers should call in at least at the US Border, Steamboat Springs and the Mexican Border. Follow along with the Leadboard, read the Racer's call-in report, then listen to their voice recordings for the full race coverage.