Blaine called in from Pie Town

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Blaine Nester checking in from Pie Town.  A little bit late to hit the restaurant that was to be open til 4:30 turned out to be 3.  The nice lady from the Pioneer though, ran into her at the post office, she let me get some water and has a little bit of food she is going to feed me up here.  I'm going to keep heading south hopefully make Silver City tomorrow night and get ready for the last leg the next day.  So things are going well, little bit of a head wind today but yesterday was great, lots of pavement, crossed from Cuba to Grants.  Nice long day.  So hopefully a long one today, a couple more days, should be done.  Will call in at the end!


we're getting ready to wave the banner!

good man Blaine! We're thinking of you and watching your terrific progress! Here's to the final 125 miles into AW!!! Cheers! - Edwin & Alice

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