Blaine calls from Lima

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Hi. Blaine Nester calling in from Lima.  Rolled in here this evening.  Tough day - today was nice - no rain - no flats.  Yesterday was a tough day - some flats - some rain - some hail.  Everything is going good - a few minor repairs in Butte to the bike.  A big thanks to Rick and the staff at the Outdoorsman - they're awesome - really good customer service.  Body's holding out good so carrying on.  To all the folks at home - having a lot of fun and working on that beer belly - maybe it will be gone by the time I get home.  Will check in next time.


Go Blaine go!

Hey Blaine - it looks like you are doing awesome - making all of us back in Invermere very proud! GO GO GO

Hi from Pincher Creek

Met Gordie and Edith on the Bertha Lake Trail today and we were rooting for you Blaine - terrific! Wow - Alice and I are enjoying tracking your progress here on the website - and enjoying hearing your voice on the "check-ins". Keep the pace man - you are doing fantastic! Hope you are sleeping OK. Cheers! This beers for you! - Edwin


Great work Blaine, love the site and the comments! Big steak and cold beer when you get home!

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