Blaine calls from Pinedale

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Hi. Its Blaine Nester checking in from Pinedale - a big thunderstorm happening here.  Tough last couple of days over Union Pass and Togwotee - lots of mud.  Couldn't even push your bike - had to carry it if you could with all the mud on it - lots of snow but we made her through.  Looking forward to the basin - hopefully it will be dry in there - looking forward to some hot dry weather.  Had enough mud and rain for a few days now.  So, eh, everything is going good - going to try and make it into Steamboat - get some repairs done on the bike if it makes it that far - and carry on.


Hoping all goes well in Steamboat

Blaine - good God man you are part Wolverine! We're rooting for you Blaine - 131 / miles a day! Holy cow! And in some nasty conditions by the sounds of your report. You are well past the 1/2 way mark ...less than 1200 to go. Everyone says Hi - I was speaking about your accomplishments in Waterton to the Parks Canada crowd ...all amazed at your energy! Alice says Hi ...and a big hug! - Edwin

The Columbia Valley is cheering you on!!!!!

Hey Blaine.....we're watching every chance we can, passing on best wishes from the riding guys here, you blow us away ......proud of you....hang in will be cold when you get back...we'll keep checking in....keep on pedalling

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