Blaine calls in from Silver City

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Hi Blaine Nester calling in here Thursday night I guess from Silver City.  Weather was good other than I got caught in a horrendous downpour from Mimbres over to Silver City.  Got in really late, got a nice room in a motel.  Hopefully get an early start and head south, make it to the border fairly early in the day.  Everything is going good, I'm trying to get tried out and the bike is working good.  So will call in when I am done.


Well done Blaine. You guys

Well done Blaine. You guys are an inspiration. Jaimie said that you were very good to him before the start of the race. We have a place for you to stay in Silver City if you would like. Jack at the bike shop can help you find us. Jeff Reese Bike shop is 575 388 3222 our home is 534 9070

Almost there!

The gang at the Outdoorsman in Butte, Montana have been following you since you graced our doors early in the race. Montana weather wasn't too kind to the racers, but through it all you've been so positive and motivated. Must be that BC style you have. Infectious it is for sure!

Congrats on being almost done with such an epic journey. The stories we have heard from all of the racers passing through Butte and from all of their call-ins gives great insight into the human spirit , the power of will, and physical endurance. Few people on Earth belong to the elite fraternity of cyclists you now join.

We'll keep watching the blue dots until you finish at Antelope Wells. Awesome to have met you and ride safe.

The Outdoorsman staff, Rob Leipheimer, JoAnne Nordhagen, and Rick Smith

Way to Go!

Hey Blaine, we've been following your tour divide extraordinaire. You're on the home stretch now - WAY TO GO! Looking forward to hearing all about your experiences along the way. I'm sorry we missed you before the start, so didn't want to miss telling you well done at the finish!
Eric and Liz

congrats Blaine!

Way to go buddy! We think you are awesome! We enjoyed following your adventure.
Looking forward to having a beer and hearing some more stories when you get home.
Dan & Sue

Hi guys Wow, didn't know

Hi guys
Wow, didn't know anyone was watching. Finished today at 3:20 pm for a fifth place split with another fellow. Travelling that far through those conditions kind of makes a sprint finish less meaningful. Nice to ride in with another guy.
Beer---for sure-----many.

Thanks for the comment.


Congratulations! Outstanding achievement!

When I saw your finish, then turn around and start back again I thought “my god the crazy bugger is cycling home again”
I'm very impressed and more that a little envious. (Although we all know I wouldn't last a day) It was exciting to follow your progress and imagine the sights along the way. Can't wait to hear the stories!
My hat is off to you and the rest of the cyclists that would undertake such a remarkable journey.

Hi Blaine, congratulations on

Hi Blaine, congratulations on an amazing accomplishment! You bet we have been following you. Can't wait to hear your stories over a well deserved beverage of choice. Sleep well and enjoy knowing....when a man with a mission puts his mind to it, he gets there!! Cheers to you and all the riders!

Laura and Tony

Congratulations from Edwin

I'm teary eyed Blaine - what can I say did it ...AND in fine style! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear about it sometime ...I will miss the check-ins with "SPOT" ...Alice and I so enjoyed following your progress!
Hugs! - Edwin

Congratulations Blaine & Co.

Hey Blaine,

We have been watching all the 'spots' on the Tour Divide map since we talked to you and Cannon in Banff.

What an amazing feat! We were keeping close track of yourself and Cannon and I am sure that you both have made many lifetime friends through this epic adventure.

Tell Gerry that he is buying all the rounds when you get back to Invermere.

All the best

Don & Grace (from Canmore)

Congrats !!!

Of course we were watching ! And keeping our fingers crossed.
Good on ya ! 3 big cheers from Banff ! Way to go !

Congrats Big Brother and Uncle Blaine !

We were watching and cheering you on all the way - first thing in the morning the kids and I would huddle around to computer to see where you were, and the last thing at night we would do the same. Looked forward to hearing your call ins. We are all so proud of you - what an accomplishment. Can't wait to see you and hear about all the stories. Enjoy a well deserved holiday and talk to you soon.

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