Bruce calls in from somewhere south of Pie Town

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Listen to the latest call from this racer here!


Wow, Bruce! Been listening to

Wow, Bruce! Been listening to your blogs. You are awesome! This is your cousin Annette in CA. Admire your determination & stamina. Sorry to hear about the knee. Go easy. Your almost there! We are having a party in your honor! Lots of Love from your proud cousin & family!

Correction - Ooops.

Correction - Ooops. Correction. You're almost there! Lots of Love, Annette



Take it easy with the knee and it will come back around. It took mine a few days to get back to helping the other leg but it did get better just like I know yours will. You're getting close man and you can gut it out. I'm cheering you on along with all your other fellow racers.


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