John Fettis called in from Deming

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Hello this is John Fettis, calling in from Deming this morning.

Just to let you know, made it to the border at Antelope Wells last night, that's Friday the 3rd July at 11:04pm, together with Alan Goldsmith and Cannon Shockley. It was nice to have a little reception party there with Cannon's Parents and Eric Bruntjen's family, and one or two others - a couple of the other racers who arrived there a bit earlier were still there - so we had a little get together and that was quite nice.

So anyway, just to say yeah, got there, and what an incredible journey it's been! Pretty damn tough!

Just chilling out in the hotel in Deming, then heading back up to Silver City today, just to prepare for travelling home.

I'll probably call in again a bit later on just with a few more thoughts and some final words, but thanks everybody for now and speak to you later.

Bye for now.

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Glad to see you made the journey well. Quite a time in Montana with the weather but you prevailed. Enjoyed your short visit at the Outdoorsman in Butte, and we all have been following everyone's progress since you passed through. Amazing accomplishment, and one few on Earth will ever have the opportunity to experience. The Tour de France does not compare with what all of the racers endured along the way on the TDR. Bears, snakes, mosquitos, hail, wind, pelting rain, lightning, that ever present mud, and everything else that could bite you or stick you are not found along the TdF route. Plus you go totally without support, big fancy buses, chefs, mechanics, or masseuses.

Again, congratulations and you have our respect for being what we consider an elite cyclist!

If ever our way in the future. Stop by to visit! Safe journey home.

Cheers- The staff at the Outdoorsman in Butte, MT

Rob Leipheimer, JoAnne Nordhagen, and Rick Smith


Hey, many thanks Rick for your help and hospitality at the Outdoorsman. One of the best stops on the trip.



Well Done

Well done mate, looks like a top ten finish, you mad old dog, just a thought.....last year you said, when asked about doing the 4 day....." don't know about the 4 day...think I'm too old for it"...then you go a do a 22 day hard as nails have proved it to all, your never too old. You have inspired us all and especially our kids.

Well done mate, awesome. See you soon.

John D

proud of you mate

beers are on me mate well done! really enjoyed watching the spot trail last three weeks, hopefully see you when you get back. work on monday ha ha ha ! whats next?

Top Ride John

Well done John, a brilliant ride in tough conditions.
This race and your result will be with you for the rest of your life...enjoy the achievement and the recovery.

Safe trip home Bruce


Well done mate, how on earth are you going to top that ?
Couple of hours bimbling around Brickhill with the oldies isn't going to cut it anymore!
See you soon. 9.30 bottom of the hill.



Well done John, all those years of cycling around the North of England in wind, rain, sleet and snow must have helped to condition you for this big race. Never thought you would do it with only a sun burnt lip and numb toe in the way of physical damages. Before you went you said "It's Got to Be Done" - and low and behold you did it. Must say I was concerned when towards the end the tracker said you were doing 52 mph - thought "has he fallen off? and is being transported to emergency ward ten?", but all was well. I had misinterpreted the reading. Well done again son and big bouquet to your wonderful wife, Lore, for keeping the home fires burning and your two boys who have missed you loads. Leisurely little rides in the woods in future?

Top notch

Well done John. Per and I are sitting I Phoenix wondering - unsuccessfully - how we could have taken six days off our times... You know where the South Downs are if you need to chew the fat.


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