John Fettis calls in from Abiquiu

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Hi this is John Fettis calling in from Abiquiu.

It's been a couple of days since I've called in so just to give you a quick update.

Saturday the 27th I rode from Meer's junction just outside of Salida to Del Norte with Joe Meiser and Leighton White. So was a pretty long day, 140 miles, with some passes above 10,000feet. Anyway, we got to Del Norte and we regained the pelaton who had been in there since - I think we got in there at 8-30 - i think they had already been in there a few hours and were chilling out.

So we had another tough day the following day. Tough for us because of the fairly long day the day before. We went through Platoroux, had some good food in there, and pushed on till quite late at night with a bivvy out on Brassle's Ridge. Quite a beautiful spot.

Riding in New Mexico has been quite nice again, and today I even enjoyed riding the bike again after some pretty heavy fatigue the last few days. We've still been encountering quite a bit of mud on the trails with the Thunderstorms and late rains we've been having here and that's meant all of us have been having to push the bikes through mud, and clean them off several times a day - makes it pretty hard work, but anyway the riding has still been good.

Today, we made Abiquiu, the full pelaton of 8 made it. We all had dinner together, then Leighton and Alan Goldsmith headed up on to the hill, out towards Cuba. The other 6 of us are having a last night of comfort before making the final push, with 600 miles to the border there aren't going to be any more comfort stops on this trip, it's just going to be all out really. I expect the pelaton will... (call cuts short)

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Epic chase Johny. This has

Epic chase Johny. This has been fantastic and compulsive viewing for the last couple of weekls. I can't imagine how you feel but its great to hear you are enjoying the bike ! Stick in and enjoy,

Keep it up!

Great to hear your latest update! Glad that you've caught the peleton back. I hope the mud relents a bit for the final push: I can't believe the mileages you're doing with the added hassle of the bike clogging up. See you next week (assuming you decide to come back to work!).

Give it legs!

Hi John, brilliant to hear the updates. I'm amazed at the pace you're keeping up bearing in mind how knackering and demoralising mud can be, so well done. Keep pushing hard and you can have longer to relax at the border before having to come back. Good luck. P.S. I expect to see a full beard when you get back to the office.

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