John Fettis calls in from Salida

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Hi it's John Fettis, here in Salida.

We're having a late evening ride up Martial Pass, so I guess it's going to get dark up there pretty soon. I'm here with Leighton White and Joe Meiser, and we need to make up a little bit of ground so we're heading up there late on.

Alright, bye for now.


Listen to the latest call from this racer here!


makin up ground

some chase that johny, three days to get the brake away group back!!has to be a record that .neu ye wad de it wor kid nice one!! NOOU! use ya heed bonny lad nee mare u them lang brakes by ya sell.

Go John Go Don't let the

Go John Go

Don't let the weather get you down - you are from Newcastle !!! hello !!!

Nice pic of you on the web, at least you managed a half smile. You have lots of supporters checking you out, just keep it rolling - and have fun.

talk to you after your return


Hi John good you could catch

Hi John

good you could catch again the group ahead in Del Norte!
Many supporters here in BCN. Hope weather becomes little bit dry (as here)!
Mandatory a Full Report when you're back.
Keep rolling-take care-have fun!
See you soon

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