Kings County Strings Band plays a quick tune for Mike Komp on the trail.

Racer update about:

The Kings County Strings bluegrass band in Brooklyn, New York takes a quick break from rehearsal to call in and play a number for Michael.  Check out the call here.


I have been glued to this

I have been glued to this race for the past 3 weeks from Albany, NY. Every race participant is such an inspiration. I had never heard of Mike Komp from Ohio until he was posted on this page yesterday.
If anyone is looking for some inspiration, I suggest listening to Mike Komp's first 4 call-ins. They are phenomenal! Maybe these call-ins could be posted on this blog.
The guy has had problem after problem. His bike didn't arrive at Banff on time, so he started the race many hours late, and has been riding in isolation for almost 20 days. He crossed into Colorado last night, with an unbelievable attitude, after an inspiring sufferfest through Montana.
Ride on Michael Komp! Thank-you for your inspirational shot in the arm!!

Word to Michael Komp!

It's true! this guy is fun, and committed and inspiring...he was here last night...traveling with Bruce Giroux now...and they are both looking great, smiling and pushing on!! (I only regret that we didn't look online this morning before they that he could have seen/heard this great post! Hopefully he'll find the internet again in Steamboat!)

Way to go guys!! Over half way, now!! Keep it up!!

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