Michael Komp calls in from Silverthorn, Colorado

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Yesterday was a big day for Michael - he pushed through to Silverthorn, Colorado where he's drying off and resting up.  The battery in his SPOT tracker died, so don't worry if you couldn't track him - his transponder should be working now.  

Twenty days into the race and the weather has been terrible.  Wet, cold, missing family and friends but his determination is steady and he only talks about pushing on!

Listen in on Michael's call and learn about the wide range of luxury accommodations he's found along the trail!  You won't believe where he slept night before last....

Go Mike!!!




I know how much you want this race over man but you are on the down hill side of the race. You are getting close to your goal and I know you can make it. You will be one of the few to make it all the way.


Mike, When the battery died


When the battery died on your SPOT, it freaked me out! Glad it was only the battery and not you. We are still here cheering you on. You can make it! Michael Joe is now talking about trying the divide tour himself after he graduates high school. He will be bending your ear about information about your GREAT ADVENTURE! Can't wait to talk to you.

Rose Spano

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