Michael Komp's July 4th call in from Salida, Colorado

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Michael called in from Salida, Colorado and it sounds like he had a banner day. He rode over a hundred miles, a "century plus" in his words, and crossed through several local July 4th Celebrations before landing in Salida where he was enjoying the excellent company of a local bike shop that is very supportive of Tour Divide racers.  He even challenged a cowboy toting a six shooter to an old fashioned Wild West dual!  Wow, a Century, a cold beer, fireworks and a dual all in one day!





It sounds like to are starting to have a better time of it now. With you going thru more populated areas and seeing more people, I'll bet that picks up your spirits some. Keep it up.


Saw you on Boreas

Hi Mike,
Don't know you but I believe I saw you coming down Boreas Pass on your way to Como on the 4th. It was early and you must have had a stellar night sleep in the hut at the top? I wished I would have stopped you (I was on my way up towards Breckenridge) but you were moving fast and I didn't want to interrupt the flow. You guys and gals are amazing and I just wanted to give you some words of encouragement! Keep on pedaling!!

Keep going strong!!

Glad to hear you are in better shape and going strong. We know you will make it all the way. Kelly and I really enjoyed meeting you even thoutgh is was a tough mud shlogged day in Kremmling CO. We know you can make it, these will be the stories of a lifetime. Good luck!

Keep on peddlin'. Greetings

Keep on peddlin'. Greetings fom Mexico!k

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