Alan Goldsmith

Alan Goldsmith living the life of Riley

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Hi this is Alan Goldsmith. I'm in Island Park. Its a little place called the Pines. We been given a luxury cabin at a huge discount. I've just had a nice glass of wine with my dinner after I've been in the hot tub. I don't know if it is in the spirit of the event, but it sure is fine. We had an easy day here. We almost considered going down the rail trail a little ways but we stopped to talk to some people and were eaten alive by mosquitoes so we decided it probably wasn't a good day and we ended up here. Read more »

Alan Goldsmith Taking it Easy Today (Just 100 miles)

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Good morning its Alan again. We are still in Lima. We are treating ourselves to an easy day. Had a bit of a lie until 7. Having a big breakfast. Now we are going to head off to the northern end of the rail trail and probably stop around a 100 miles. We been going a week. We think we deserve it. We been a lot further than we expected already. Thats me and Dominik. We were with Kevin most of the day yesterday. But he stayed at a different place. I don't know where he is. The Kevinator might be on this way. Anyway, I guess the Great Divide Race starts today. Good luck to all you guys. Read more »

Alan Goldsmith gets a dose of Trail Magic in Wise River

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Hi this is Alan Goldsmith. I'm in Lima. It is 10:30 on Thursday night. Had quite a big day today. Started at the Beaver Dam Campground before Fleecer Ridge. Got up at 5 and went over Mt. Fleecer. No problem finding the infamous Ken Peterson fence. I don't know what he was doing. He must have been day dreaming. Dominik rode the descent on his 15 kilo roughneck (roughsack). We got to Wise River. The cafe was shut. But some lady took pity on us and took us to her house for breakfast. Big thanks to Linda and Tom for that. Then it was a monster haul over to Lima. Read more »

Alan Goldsmith riding with his Biker Gang

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Hi this is Alan Goldsmith. Its 4 o'clock on Wednesday. I'm Butte with Dominik. We were with Kevin but he has just shot off. So we've been together for the last couple of days, with Kevin, and I've been pretty much with Dominik since the start. We had a monster day yesterday to get to Helena. Cause we suspected the passes might have snow on.. We got up at 5AM at Seeley Lake. Had breakfast in Ovando. Over Huckleberry which had a 10 meter patch of snow but you could go around and then that was all the snow we saw all day. So we go over the 3 big passes, no problem, but it took a while. Read more »

Alan Goldsmith Trudges 4 miles through Snow

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Hi this is Alan. I'm in Seeley Lake. We got here about quarter past 9 after somewhat epic trip over the Richmond Peak Pass. It is a bit snowy out there. I'd say about 4 miles of walking through snow and some of its quiet sketchy cause its like 30-40 degrees angled down the twist, but we made it. Pretty epic in the morning too with lots of down trees across the trail. So places we should have been riding fast down hill we had to keep getting off and stepping over trees but very spectacular scenery and Read more »

Alan Goldsmith looking for a date in Big Fork

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Hi this is Alan calling in from Big Fork, MT. Its 8:30 on Sunday night. We had a brillant day. 140 miles I think. Had a bit of snow on Red Meadow Pass. About a mile on either side of Pass was solid snow, then another couple of miles it was patch. Didn't take too long. About an hour and half to get across there. Didn't waste too much time. Then a screaming decent down into Whitefish where we had a spot of lunch at the Red Caboose. Thanks to them there, they were very good and didn't mind that we trashed the place. Read more »

Four Racers Arrive in Eureka tonight

Hello this is Leighton White in Eureka, MT. pulled in a little while ago Dominik, Alan and Karl. A couple of them are spending the night. I might push on a little bit.
We have been noisy in this town. Bike and body are holding up pretty well. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Supposely, a lot of snow on Whitefish Pass. We'll see. Thanks. Bye.

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2008-06-14 21:14:19 EST.

Alan Goldsmith at The First and Last Chance Saloon

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Hi, its Alan caling from The First and Last Chance Saloon at the Roosville Border. I just got through and alarm bells went off when they typed in my passport number. Apparantly, I didn't give something back when I left the last time I was here 10 years ago. But anyway I'm in now. It took about a half hour so I hope that will be taken into consideration if I am close to the record. Two good days. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. Mainly good weather but few squally showers and some hail, a bit of snow coming over Elk Pass but we made it to Elkford by 10. Read more »