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Mike Dion Uses Snow to Ice his Knees

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Hello there, Its Sunday, 6:15pm. Its Mike Dion calling from Columbia Falls. Rolled in here earlier today. Just repacked all of the gear back on the bike. Last 3 days of pulling stuff out from the weather and cramming it back in, got a little messy with the packing system. So just spent the last hour and half, repacking and getting everything organized again. Today was pretty good day other than I'm sure you heard, Red Meadow Pass and the snow, but actually my knees have been giving me a little of an issue today. Read more »

Dominik Scherer feeling good in Big Fork, MT

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Hi there this is Dominik Scherer. 10PM on 15th of June. I'm calling from Big Fork, MT. Been a pretty long day today, but I'm feeling good. Legs are good. Yeah. We had luck with the weather. The weather is OK. I don't know if my SPOT thing is working so I just wanted to let my people that I'm doing fine, I'm OK, its good to know that you are there for me. Thank you. As soon as I possible, I'll perhaps a get an e-mail out to you whenever I can find a place.

Mary Collier calling it a night in Columbia Falls

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Hey its Mary Collier, its Sunday, June 15th and I've arrived into Columbia Falls, MT at a pretty decent hour this evening. I'm going to call it a night here. Its been a somewhat long day starting at 6 o'clock from Eureka. Heading over a couple of grueling passes. Well, Whitefish Divide wasn't actually terrible, BUT Red Meadow Pass was 4-5 miles of hiking, pushing my bike, but I cruised into Columbia Falls. Stocked up on Freshies at the Grocery Store and I'm going to call it a super early night and get going in the morning. Have a good night.

Alan Goldsmith looking for a date in Big Fork

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Hi this is Alan calling in from Big Fork, MT. Its 8:30 on Sunday night. We had a brillant day. 140 miles I think. Had a bit of snow on Red Meadow Pass. About a mile on either side of Pass was solid snow, then another couple of miles it was patch. Didn't take too long. About an hour and half to get across there. Didn't waste too much time. Then a screaming decent down into Whitefish where we had a spot of lunch at the Red Caboose. Thanks to them there, they were very good and didn't mind that we trashed the place. Read more »

Stephen Gleasner VS. the Maps

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Hello, its 6:44 pm. Steve Gleasner calling in from Eureka. Having a good time today, relaxing day and seems like it is coming easy. Ready to maybe do a little more. Had a little comedy with map today, skipped a block and it sent me off course again. Getting to be a habit but its making me stronger, helping me whip myself into shape here. I'll be calling from down the road.

(Hard to hear so I had to guess at some of this. I'll fix later if necessary after Joe uploads to mtbcast.)

Dave Nice had 3 Flats today and still says it is a Good, Good, Good Stuff!

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Hey guys, its Dave Nice. Its about 4:45pm. I'm in the US again. The land of the dollar. Normal temp ranges. Today, 3 flats. Beautiful weather though. Good, Good, Good Stuff. I am probably going to eat in Eureka and push on to base of Whitefish Divide and camp out for the night. Feeling a lot better today than I was yesterday. The Border Guards were giving me a little crap for being a day behind. I went through the Border without a hitch. Hope everybody is doing well. Later.

Great Photos of the Race Start

Check out the pictures provided by Chris Plesko (uploaded with the help of Joe Polk from MTBCAST).

Chris rode the first few miles of the Tour Divide to get this photos. Thanks a million, Chris.

Sherry O.

Felix Wong's 1 minute Border Crossing

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Hi this is Felix Wong, calling at about 11:12AM on Sunday, June 15th. I just wanted to report that I crossed the US/Canadian Border at about 10 o'clock. It took me 1 minute to get across. It helped that there were other riders that came by before me. Other than that, I'm feeling well. I've been riding very conservatively for the last few days. My legs are still pretty fresh. I will probably check in in a couple of days or so. OK, bye.

Kevin Hall's Motivation and Call In

I'm attaching a picture of Kevin's motivation during the ride. He had a photo of his lovely wife and four daughters on the top of his map case. He said that they think he is crazy, but are very supportive. I know he'll be putting in those miles to get back to them as soon as possible.

Here is his call in: Read more »