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Just four (4) days to Race Start........ During the race, don't forget to check out for the latest audio recordings of the racers call-ins. These recordings will also be transcribed and posted on this website daily. Racers can call in as frequent or as few times as they want to report their progress along the route. All racers should call in at least at the US Border, Steamboat Springs and the Mexican Border. Follow along with the Leadboard, read the Racer's call-in report, then listen to their voice recordings for the full race coverage.

SPOT Leaderboard Is Up

After a long row was hoed getting the technology in place to track TD racers realtime with SPOT satellite messengers, the Leaderboard is online. Check it. Flog it. Try to make it crash. Comment if you find it loads really slow on your browser. If something funny's gonna happen, we hope it's before we get on our bikes and point them towards Mexico.

TD 'One of the World's Ten Toughest', says Bike

Those who've attempted to race the Divide know it to be the toughest multi-day racing out there (mostly b/c of its grand scale). In June's issue of Bike Magazine, Bring Out The Dread: The Ten Toughest MTB Races In The World, lists Tour Divide first in a review of the top ten toughest races on the planet. Read more »


We've added a comprehensive weather resources page.

One of the big questions people have this time of year is, "Are the passes going to be clear of snow by race day"? The short answer for `08 is yes. And for the record, in the past four years of mid-June N-to-S divide racing, there's been only one 50 foot stretch of snow-covered pass, period. That was in 2005 climbing out of California Park, down into Hahn's Peak Basin north of Steamboat Springs, CO. Read more »

Tour Divide Partners with SPOT.

TD is pleased to announce partnership with SPOT Inc. to provide real time tracking for this year's racing. SPOT recently brought to market the world's first personal satellite messenger. The brilliance of this device as a tool for following self-support racing is in its outgoing-only messaging design. They cannot be used to gain advantage on course. Divide racing has been waiting years for a reasonable alternative to satellite phones to fill the GPS tracking void. Finally we have it in SPOT Satellite Messenger. Read more »