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Kevin Hall's Final Call In

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Hey this is Kevin. Just calling to check in one final time. Caught a bus out of Whitefish this afternoon. While I was there a the local bike shop saw one of the guys getting ready for the GDR. A fellow named, Simon, from New Zealand, he gave me his bike box and helped get my bike over to bus station. Really cool to meet him. He wished everybody luck too. Just too many obligations back home. Again best of luck of everybody on there. I'll be keeping up with you guys on the web.

Update on Racer Steve McGuire who will Join the Tour June 26th (hopefully)

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Below is an e-mail update I received this afternoon. Steve will be considered an offiical TD racer and we will track him with SPOT when he starts. We are wishing him the best as he sorts out his life after flood ~

Hi Sherry, Read more »

Matthew Lee Calls In at Lincoln

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Hey there Tour Divide Racer, Matthew Lee, here in Lincoln, MT. It is 3:41PM on Monday. Getting a sub, choc milk and taking more blue pills. All is good. We finally ran into some ridable weather, ridable terrain. Reuben and I did. He is around here somewhere taking care of some errands, mailing something home or something so you might here from him too. Heading on hopefully to Helena. OK, cheers.

Kevin Hall Says Goodbye to the Tour

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Hey this is Kevin. I'm in Whitefish. Took a wrong turn coming out of Red Mountain into Whitefish Pass. Ended up in Olney. Anyway ended up taking 93 into Whitefish. Anyway, I think that is going to be it for me, man. It has been a great ride and stuff like that. I'm going to head back east to Kentucky. Wish all of the guys best luck, especially Felix out there. Thanks. ____ Kevin, have a safe trip home. I enjoyed meeting you. Sherry O.

Adrian Stingaciu shares his Thoughts

Hi this is Adrian a/k/a Super Vegan. Calling in on day 4 from Swan Lake. About 4 miles off route. I stopped in here to get some pain killers. I thought I was going to be a tough guy and not take anything but I concede, I'm a wimp and took my first pain killer of the race. My knees are pretty much shot. I'm going up hills in the easiest gears and barely making time. Put in 15 hours yesterday, got to just next to Ferndale and well I'm having a good time so far but making lousy, lousy progress as far as speed goes. But I'm lasting all day so that is pretty good. Read more »

Felix Wong's Epic Day

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Hi this is Felix Wong, calling Monday June 16th at 9:30 calling from Whitefish Montanta. Let me just tell you that yesterday was an absolutely epic day. First of all there was a 25 mile climb, thankful goodness there was not any snow on that but then the 2nd climb, there was about 2 feet of snow and it was absolutely impassable by anything but human feet or maybe grizzly bears if they are dumb enough to go up there. I got there about 10PM and that is where I encountered Kevin Hall. He was in his tent by Red Meadow Lake. Read more »

Reuben Kline slept high on the Mountain

Hi this is Reuben Kline. I am calling in on the 4th day of the Tour. It is Monday around 9AM. Saturday was a pretty epic day, 190 miles, and I don't know 3-4 miles of snow, Its kinda of all, kinda I'm getting misconstrued in my head at this point anyway. But yesterday topped it off. It was only about 120 miles that we ended up doing then Matt and I got together again and we ended up going over this pass and hiking in the snow for, oh, I don't know, 4 hours. SO it was a pretty epic day. Slept on top of the mountain. Everything is going well. Read more »

Andy Buchanan Doing Well in Eureka

Hi Joe, Hi Sherry, this is Andy, # 1 on the start list but I think I'm at the end of the line at the moment. I'm in Eureka. I spent the night in the Riverside Park with Dave and Stephen Gleasner. Doing well, a little sore in places, but you know perseverance and just keep turning the peddles over. I crossed the border yesterday about 3PM, got into Eureka at 4PM and decided to spend the night here. Doing well. We are going to press onto Whitefish today. We'll see everybody out there. Bye.

Matthew Lee and Reuben Kline Make it Through Richmond Peak Trail Tree Tops

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Good morning, its 8:30 Monday and its Tour Divide Racer Matthew Lee sitting in Seeley Lake at the Chicken Coupe eating breakfast and trying to warm up. Yesterday was another tough day on the route as 100s of fallen trees blocked the route through the Missions and the Swan. the 120 mile ride was punctuated by Merrill Pass and Richmond Peak Trail. The last mile of the dirt road was snowed in but managable hiking. Richmond Peak Trail was a different story. It was 4 miles of full on alpine traversing through 10' drifts along cornices and through tree tops. The sketch factor was high. Read more »

Race Update Monday June 16, 2008 7AM

Race Fans, we are going to attempt to provide a daily commentary by former racer Alex Field who unfortunately was not able to race this year. Here is Alex's first installment:

Update: Monday the 16th 7am Read more »