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Matthew Lee calling in from Columbia Falls

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Hey tour divide, this is Matthew Lee calling from Columbia Falls. Its about 8AM on Sunday. I want to wish my Pop a Happy Father's Day and all the other Fathers out there. I stayed in Whitefish last night and had to take some time to do some clean up and recovery. The hike a bike last night was brutal. There is about 3 1/2 to 4 miles of full on post holing on top of Red Meadow Pass. I wish the tour divide racers the best of luck coming through. Its exciting. Anyway off to Ovando or Lincoln today. OK bye.

Time Clock on Message: 2008-06-15 09:06:53 EST.

Ardie Olson Calls In from Whitefish

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Hey, this is Ardie Olson and I'm calling in from a payphone just outside of Whitefish. It is Sunday morning at 6:50 AM and everythings doing pretty good. Had kinda of a tough day yesterday. I'm sure everybodys going to have this. Coming through Red Meadow Lake there was probably at least 2 miles, maybe 3 miles of snow that covered the road about 2-3 feet deep. So you had to push your bike the whole way, up to the pass and then down from the lake and pass back down. Read more »

Update on Steve McGuire

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This is Rachel, I am accessing Steve's e-mail. Steve does not have internet access. He and his family are fine. He will update people in the near future.

Note: Thanks Rachel for the update. We were sad that Steve couldn't line up with the other racers in Banff. Our thoughts are with him and his family as they deal with the flood of their home and relocation efforts.

Sherry O.


The good news is that everyone's SPOT device appears to be working now when you match them up with the call-ins. The first 12 hours, several racers, were still showing up at the Y Mountain Lodge. Since I saw them ride off, I knew that something was wrong. To reset the SPOT, they just have to turn them off, then turn them back on (which Matthew suggested they to do every night), so it appears all have been reset now.

Felix Wong and Kevin Hall camp out at Barnes Lake

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Hi this is Felix Wong. Calling on Saturday about 10:15 on June 14th. Calling in from Barnes Lake. I actually here with Kevin Hall. We are both camping behind an old church after an absolutely spectacular day of riding. We did 120 miles today and 70 miles yesterday. That is not to say that its been entirely uneventful for myself. Yesterday I was still feeling a little bit under the weather and had a bike mechanical problem, mainly a loose hub but I was able to fix that. The only other mechanical problem I have had so far is a flat tire. Otherwise, its been great riding. Spectacular scenery. Read more »

Kevin Montgomery wearing Shorts in a Hail Storm

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Hey its Kevin Montgomery. I just crossed the Border. Its 10PM on Saturday night. Pretty easy border crossing. I know people wanted to know about that. They told me that I need to wash off the mud though which I guess isn't a real big surprise. Day one was pretty interesting. Went through two hail storms, bunch of rain, a little snow, some thunder at the end of the night. I ate a bad sandwich. Didn't get really sick but decided to take it easy. Stopped at mile 70. Also got some bad ___ from some drunk Canucks on the side of road from wearing shorts in the hail storm. Read more »

Mary Collier Celebrates with a Beer at the Border

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Hey this is Mary Collier. Its Saturday, June 14th its 5 until 9PM at Border. So it officially means that I’m also starting the Great Divide Race so I can knock them both out in one try. Headin’ through the Border. Had a wonderful day today. Heading into Eureka. Things are going well. Just had a beer at the Last Chance Bar and Grill or Bar I guess. Great day. I’m going to sleep well tonight and hit those snow passes in the morning. Have a good night. Bye.

Mike Dion sums up his first 2 days in Canada as he moves into Montana

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Hello its Mike Dion. Its Saturday, 6/14 at 8:50pm. Crossed the Border just a little bit ago. Stopped in the Last Chance Bar and had quick beer. Mary’s husband happened to be cruising by and bought us a beer. It was beautiful thing. So made it across the Border-2 days in Canada. The first day was absolutely incredible. The majestic mountains were awe inspiring and went on and on. The second day, the closer we got to the border, the more things opened up and got started rolling. I miss the big majestic mountains around the Banff area. BUT that’s Life. Moving into Montana. That’s that. Read more »

Karl Wilcox enjoying the Ride

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This is Karl Wilcox calling in from Eureka, MT arrived here about 7pm with 3 or 4 other guys. We are going up towards the pass tonight for an hour or so. Doing fine. Enjoying the ride. Bye.

Dave Nice on the Bad Weather in Canada

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Hello Tour Divide Armchair Watchers, this is Dave Nice calling in from Fernie, BC. Its Saturday at 8:15pm. Canada is kicking my a..... It is absolutely fantastically gorgeous. Last night rode until about 11pm, set up my camp and proceeded to get snowed, lightening and hail during the course of the night. Only got 3 hours of sleep last night. This morning, I pushed my bike through a lot of mud. Almost Trans Iowa 2 epicness if you have read about that. Not quite as deep but just as sticky. About 160 miles in and chillin out at a hostel. Going to sleep in. Read more »