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Mary Collier on her Scary Night

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Good morning. Its Mary Collier. Tuesday, June 17th. Its about 9:15 a.m. Last night was probably one of the scariest nights in my life. I'm in Seeley Lake and I got to bed about 4 o'clock this morning. I started the pass coming into Seeley Lake at a decent hour and thougth that I would just jam through it. Didn't have any data that there was a ton of snow and snow drifts making the trail very difficult - the pass. Read more »

Missing Blue Dots

Ok, we just noticed that the Blue Dots are gone. We haven't changed anything on the website so this is a mystery. We are attempting to reach SPOT for some guidance but they may not be able to help since Kevin (I think) wrote the code. I only know how to post blogs and nothing more, so Joe Polk is trying to help. Just wanted to let you know we are working diligently on this.

Sherry O.

Leighton White Playing the Tunes through Montana

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Hey its Leighton White. Seeley Lake, MT. Got here last night. Got a hotel to wash off the dirt, dry out from the snow sloggin. Couple of great days in Montana. Saw a baby fawn, probably about 18 inches tall. Then my brain surgeon moment of the trip so far, I'm riding along and I hear Government Mule playing in the middle of nowhere and I say wow pretty cool someone is out here drinkin the tunes, drinkin beer, about 10 minutes later I stop to take a picture I hear Stevie Ray Vaughn in the distance. Little while later I hear Robert Randolph like wow someone has great taste in music. Read more »

Race Update June 17 at 7AM

Update: Tuesday the 17th @ 7am Read more »

Dominik Scherer at Seeley Lake

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Hello, this is Dominik calling in on the 16th of June. Its 11:30 p.m. now. I'm here at Seeley Lake. Been riding together with Alan Goldsmith again today. Today was not too easy. Lots of snow on the big mountain. But we made it and I'm feeling good. That's about it. I'll get to you later. Bye.

Alan Goldsmith Trudges 4 miles through Snow

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Hi this is Alan. I'm in Seeley Lake. We got here about quarter past 9 after somewhat epic trip over the Richmond Peak Pass. It is a bit snowy out there. I'd say about 4 miles of walking through snow and some of its quiet sketchy cause its like 30-40 degrees angled down the twist, but we made it. Pretty epic in the morning too with lots of down trees across the trail. So places we should have been riding fast down hill we had to keep getting off and stepping over trees but very spectacular scenery and Read more »

Kevin Montgomery Calls with Website Issues

Hey, I received a voice mail from Kevin that I have loaded the photos incorrectly and he is getting a lot of complaints that they can't access the site. I apologize. Kevin requested that I remove all photos. I'm sorry, I thought the site was working fine and I hadn't heard the compliants. Joe Polk of MTBCAST and I met for several hours Monday night and he helped me loading the photos. But, Kevin was very upset and tells me that the server will crash if I don't take off all of the photos. So that is why they are disappearing.

Sherry O.

Mike Dion's Meets Momma and Baby Bear on the Trail

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Hello there. Its Monday, 6/16 9:48PM. This is Mike Dion. I'm in Holland Lake Lodge. Just had a great deal. Nancy hooked iwth up with a killer dinner. Unfortunately, its a little bit late. I was hoping to get a little bit further today, but it was an Epic day on a mountain bike. Let's see, what was some of the high points. Breakfast this morning at Swan Valley Cafe. Samon omellete which actually tasted amazing. Actually real food. Not just food for fuel so started off with a killer breakfast leaving from Columbia Falls. Read more »

Dave Nice Calls in from Whitefish

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Hey its Dave. Its about 8:30 pm. Calling from Whitefish. Just had a beer and some food. Ran into Geoff from Juno. Going to hang out with him tonight. His hotel room. Get cleaned up. The snow was not fun to hit it in the afternoon. But you know 90 miles in 12 hours thereabouts. I wish I was moving a little faster, but you know what it is what it is. Can't think of anything else at the moment. Later.

Ardie Olson Reports in from Lincoln, MT

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Hey everybody, this is Ardie Olson. I'm calling in from Lincoln, MT and its 6:50pm on June 16th, Monday and its been rough going the last couple of days. Yesterday, was lots of deadfalls across the trail I guess from all of the heavy snow that they have had so that made it slow going. So I camped at Holland Lake last night. Got up real early this morning and headed out. When I got up to I believe its called Grizzly Bear Basin before you get to Seeley Lake there was another probably 2-3 miles worth of snow up there. Read more »