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Four Racers Arrive in Eureka tonight

Hello this is Leighton White in Eureka, MT. pulled in a little while ago Dominik, Alan and Karl. A couple of them are spending the night. I might push on a little bit.
We have been noisy in this town. Bike and body are holding up pretty well. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Supposely, a lot of snow on Whitefish Pass. We'll see. Thanks. Bye.

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2008-06-14 21:14:19 EST.

Photo of Reuben Kline

My picture of Reuben and his bike disappeared from my camera. I did find one of him riding beside Matthew Lee at the start. They were still riding together at the last call in. Not to leave him out, I'm posting this picture now. Matthew Lee on Left and Reuben Kline on Right.

(6/17 photo removed due to website issues)

Dominik from Germany crossing into the US

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Hello this is Dominik Scherer. I'm calling from the Roosville Border, the Canada/US Border. Its Saturday, June 14th 6:15pm. I think I'm going to make it to Eureka. So far it is has been going good. Canada has been really, really beautiful. That's about it. Thank you. Bye.

Note: By the way, both Dominik and Alan (our foreign contingency) traveled to Canada just for the race.

Super Vegan makes it Across Border

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Hi this is Andrian Stingaciu a/k/a Super Vegan calling in from Roosville, MT. I crossed the border at 6:20 p.m. on Saturday, June 14th. The Border Crossing took about 2-3 minutes. I'm going to head out to Eureka now and maybe a bit further to camp at a campground. Alright. Good luck to everyone.

Pre-Race Photos by Matt Gindlesparger

Check out more pre-race photos at:

Matt Gindlesparger took the photos

Thank you, Brendan Collier, of Siren Bicycles, LLC for sending this to me!

Sherry O.

Alan Goldsmith at The First and Last Chance Saloon

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Hi, its Alan caling from The First and Last Chance Saloon at the Roosville Border. I just got through and alarm bells went off when they typed in my passport number. Apparantly, I didn't give something back when I left the last time I was here 10 years ago. But anyway I'm in now. It took about a half hour so I hope that will be taken into consideration if I am close to the record. Two good days. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. Mainly good weather but few squally showers and some hail, a bit of snow coming over Elk Pass but we made it to Elkford by 10. Read more »

Reuben is now in the USA

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Hey it is Reuben Kline. I'm calling in from the Border. Went through customs - they let us go pretty easy, everything was smooth. Stopped at the Bar and got a pizza. We are going to roll out about 2pm, I think and start our US leg of the journey. Me and Matt Lee are still riding together pretty much. So anyway, later.

Note: Barking Dog noises in background.

Mike Dion sends his Greetings Home

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Hello this is Mike Dion. It is Saturday, the 14th at 12:26pm. I'm in Sparwood pushing on to Fernie. I wanted to call in and specifically say hi to my daughter, Micala, my son, Dillon and my wife, Tina. Hey I am doing great. It is amazing up here. Canada, the first day, was spectular. The mountains just went on and on and on. It is incredibly beautiful. So day two is going great. The sun is shining. Heading to Fernie. Going to push on and cross the border tonight. We will talk to you later. Doing great. Bye Bye.

Mary Collier gives a Glowing Report of her ride through Canada

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Hey, its Mary Collier and I'm calling in from Sparwood. Yesterday was a wonderful day. Today is day two. Yesterday was an amazing day. Beautiful. Canada was totally worth it. Made it to Elkford last night. Rode with Adrian and Mike Dion the first half of the day, then rode with Mike Dion the second half of the day. Had some good chat. Stopped off at the Elkford Motor Inn. Had rooms above the bar which was interesting for sleeping but rolled out at a decent time this morning. We got in a kinda of late. Saw a bit of wildlike coming into Elkford. Read more »

Adrian Calls In - He was the prior unknown Caller.

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This is Andrian Stingacui a/k/a Super Vegan calling in from __ Canada. Had a good long hard ride yesterday to 10:30, slept at campground. Got going again around 6AM. Looks like today, I thought it was going to be an easy day since it is mostly pavement but experiencing a little headwind and so I will take it easy and experience some ... knee ...But other than that I'm doing alright. Oh yeah, this morning I took a spill off a dirt road and.....I went off the road and hit the soft shoulder .... and scraped (or sprained?) my finger. Keep going. Good luck to everybody and be safe. Read more »